Blockchain Developer

  • Privax
  • Remote
  • Oct 23, 2019
Permanent Application Support | Blockchain Developer/Engineer | Blockchain

Job Description

The position as blockchain developer will consist of the following:

-Commitment and a passion for growth within Privax
-Pay is monthly
-All work will be remote
-Expect ambitious goals
-Developing multiple types of blockchains that serve a diversity of use cases
-Developing high functioning applications that fulfill high expectations
-Implementing the blockchain and applications to function in an automated manner
-Familiar with the development of cryptocurrencies

The manner of work will be instructed by a goal and an end date. For example, Evan would assign the blockchain developer to build an end to end application within 3 months. Each month the blockchain developer will get paid according to the difficulty of the task.

Privax is still in the beginning stages of developing the blockchain. Currently, Evan is the CEO and only person with the plans and ideas to build Privax, but to make the idea into a reality, a blockchain developer is, of course, needed.

Evan prefers that the developer lives in the Philippines because Evan is looking to hire a blockchain developer to permanently work for him. Therefore, it would be better if the applicant is a single person that is not working for a company.

Job Requirements:

-Develop a private, permission, secure, and scalable blockchain
-Develop fast, secure, private, and untraceable transactions
-Maintain and fully develop real estate application (Details will be discussed further via phone call)
-Evan does prefer a developer that is versatile in a variety of different blockchains. At least 3-4 years of blockchain development experience (minimum).
-Evan desires to create a cryptocurrency token as well, therefore it would help to also be familiar with the development of cryptocurrency and stable coins.

(Privax tokens will be privately traded and exchanged.)

Privax is looking to build multiple blockchains that serve multiple use cases in the future. As of now, Privax is developing a real estate application to support the investments of the future clientele. Furthermore, Privax is currently developing a cryptocurrency "Privax Token" to pair with the real estate application.

More details on the project will be explained via phone call, and Evan will guide the blockchain developer with specific goals and milestones to be accomplished. The blockchain developer will get a full view and scope of the goals and vision that Privax has. Please feel free to apply if you are interested in further details.

Pay Rate

25,000php-30,000php per month