Blockchain Developer

  • Privax
  • Philippines
  • Jul 11, 2019
Remote Cryptography | Blockchain

Job Description

About us:
Privax is creating a small, yet skilled team of knowledgeable blockchain developers, computer science engineers, and tech enthusiasts that strive to create the most versatile and identity-protected privacy coin in the cryptocurrency market.

Our Goal:
Our main objective is to fulfill the widespread demand of a privacy crypto with fast transactions, a secure blockchain, identity protection, and untraceable transactions all in one. Essentially, Privax coin will be a safe haven for high net worth individuals to store large sums of wealth. (Many more purposes such as instantaneous transactions and Privax coin linking with exclusive companies will be disclosed in the future.)

Job details:
We are looking to hire a skilled full-time blockchain developer that has strong knowledge on how to create a secure , transparent, and untraceable identity blockchain. Our expectations is just that you have at least 2 years of experience with privacy blockchains and that you are knowledgeable with fast/secure transaction implementation. If you are familiar with stable coins that will also be of great help too. All directions will be stated via G-mail.

-All work is remote
-Monthly salary is consistently $500/month
-Bonuses when goals are reached
-Taking part in an early stage project

Our location: Philippines (Because all work is remote, we accept anyone from around the world but South East Asia is preferred.)

Language: English

Deadline: Our goal is to finish and establish Privax coin by the end of 2019 (December).

It will be our pleasure to have you on board!

Pay Rate

25,000php-30,000php per month