• Allforcrypto
  • Remote
  • Jun 10, 2019
Contractor Marketing | Blockchain

Job Description

**NOTE: Please refer to the Compensation and How do you apply? Sections below**

Allforcrypto is a newly developed shopping marketplace for crypto. The Allforcrypto platform is the secure and trusted online marketplace that connects cryptocurrency shoppers to what they want from products to services aiming to be the most attractive P2P online marketplace.

Allforcrypto started as a pilot in early 2018 and the platform has gained more than 600 customers to date. With this traction, Allforcrypto is now seeking investment through a token sale with its own token, AFCT, available on the WAVES platform.

Allforcrypto is highly rated by top third-party ICO ratings providers:

A1 rating from ICOTop:

5/5 rating from TrackICO:

8.9/10 rating from Crypto Totem:

8.8/10 from ICOMarks:

Allforcrypto projects to generate an initial profit in Year 2 with revenue reaching more than $60 Million USD in the next few years. With Allforcrypto’s incoming Investment, the team is seeking a dedicated team to grow and scale the business. Are you one of the few to change the online marketplace for cryptocurrency shoppers?

What do we look for in everyone?

  • Bias for action
  • Attention to detail, organised and work well with others
  • Open to sharing your informed and thoughtful feedback
  • The drive, agility and flexibility to work in a rapidly evolving business
  • Excited and passionate about your work!


What is the job?

Allforcrypto is a newly developed shopping marketplace for crypto. Similar to that of eBay,

the Allforcrypto platform’s growth is measured mainly by users. To attract sellers and buyers to our platform, Allforcrypto is seeking future team members who are skilled and excited about how to use video content on YouTube (and potentially other video platforms) to build users.

You will work directly with our Marketing Lead to define the marketing calendar and execute on the video content tasks to build our user growth.

What will you do?

* Keyword research and planning of video content, research where necessary

* Editing videos weekly

* SEO optimizing the descriptions, thumbnails, and titles for youtube and google

* Planning the strategy around video and digital product launches

* Mapping out conversion funnels for turning viewers into subs

* Keeping up with Youtube best practices

* Reaching out to bloggers to feature the videos

* Reaching out to interesting interview subjects that will increase view count

What skills do you need?


  • 2+ years of experience creating and managing video content on YouTube for yourself or other companies
  • Personal, quiet space to properly create and edit video content


  • 3+ years of experience creating and managing video content on YouTube for yourself or other companies
  • Existing network of bloggers and other influencers to share video content especially in industries related to Allforcrypto

How do you apply?

Interested to join the next big marketplace? Great! Send us a link of your best YouTube video that promotes your business or a client’s business in a similar industry to Patrick Huang, If we identify a potential fit, we will reach out to share the next steps.


We provide compensation in Allforcrpyto token, AFCT.

For this position, the compensation is the equivalent of $2,500 USD per month (for full-time work or pro-rata based on your availability) in AFCT tokens. We will walk you through the process to use the WAVES platform.

With your payment in tokens, your work (and compensation) are directly aligned with the growth of Allforcrypto. Let’s start building Allforcrypto together!

Pay Rate

2500 USD / month