Validator Node Lead

  • stakein.
  • North America
  • May 14, 2019
Remote Developer/Engineer | Blockchain

Job Description

Remote-Part time/Full time

Job/Role Description:

Our team is seeking a developer to help configure and automate blockchain validator project for our MVP.  You should have appropriate hands-on devops and web development experience. Your time will be mostly spent on launching new network nodes and building a user interface and web application back end for staking services.

An ideal candidate will have the skills and experience outlined below and will be a strong fit for the StakeIn culture.

This is a part-time remote position until MVP development then it will transition to be a full time position if we feel that you are the right candidate.

**Please note that salary is paid in equity until fundraising is complete.


  • Hands on devops and web development experience, appropriate to build and launch validator nodes from scratch
  • Ensure best-in-class security operations
  • Help to recruit your future team that will help to build a secure, trusted brand that can seamlessly allow crypto-asset holders to earn interest on their holdings
  • Assist in network development that our nodes support


  •         Extensive knowledge of best practices in security operations
  •         Minimum of 1-2 years of devops experience

     Candidates should be proficient with node.js in server side contexts.

     They should be confident architecting and implementing APIs.

  •         Bachelors or Masters in computer science or equivalent
  •         Prior work experience building blockchain platform products
  •         Highly adaptable in a startup environment

Benefits and impacts

  •         Seed stage start up where you can make a true impact on the product, customers, team and overall blockchain space
  •         Work remote, flexible hours
  •         One of first 5 employees; opportunity to grow as the company grows
  •         Seed stage equity + competitive salary after fundraising

Pay Rate

5-7k/ month