DevOps Engineer

  • Elliptic
  • London, England, United Kingdom
  • Dec 21, 2018

Job Description

What's the role?

Elliptic is looking for a seasoned DevOps professional to own the infrastructure that all Elliptic engineers use to write and ship high quality products.

DevOps is a core part of engineering at Elliptic. We leverage a range of open source technologies to build, test, and deploy code to public cloud and managed bare-metal servers. With your help we can continue to streamline the development cycle and increase the robustness of our infrastructure.

What you'll do:

Overall you will collaborate with engineers and data scientists to develop efficient developer tooling, test-automation, CI/CD, and monitoring systems.
  • Make developers happy every day!
  • Enable transient development and test environments (local and cloud-hosted)
  • Build out a robust CI/CD framework across our tech stack
  • Integrate automated testing in to the continuous build process
  • Drive the use of logging, monitoring, and analytics to ensure performance and stability of all environments and applications
  • Lead private-cloud deployments
  • Help make architectural decisions (and implement them!)
  • Research, prototype, and recommend new technologies and frameworks
  • Assist with the management of local infrastructure
  • Help developers embrace devops - give advice, perform reviews of relevant code etc.

What is the work like? What are the challenges?
  • From a DevOps point-of-view the biggest challenges are:
    • Making our infrastructure fit for purpose, robust, and easily scalable
    • Ensuring the developers can perform builds and deployments as easily and safely as possible
  • 5+ years relevant industry experience in system administration, DevOps, build/release, site reliability or general engineering roles
  • Solid experience with at least two of our existing DevOps frameworks (Docker, Ansible, Hashicorp, and Jenkins)
  • Comfortable with infrastructure as code and deployment to public clouds
  • Deep experience with development tooling for a range of languages & frameworks
  • Familiarity with logging and performance analytics systems
  • A fast learner with enthusiasm for learning new technologies and applying them appropriately (avoiding one-size-fits all solutions)
  • Proficiency with Linux
  • Rigor in engineering best-practices (documentation, code reviews, test automation)
  • A passion for making developers lives easier

Bonus points for:
  • Solid experience coding in a JVM language
  • Hand-on experience with on-premise deployments in highly regulated industries
  • Appetite for discussions about economics, money, identity and privacy
  • Interest in cryptocurrencies
  • Knowledge of and liking for a functional programming approach