Legal Assistant

  • Infinity Blockchain Ventures
  • Wisma Shell, Persiaran Apec, Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Dec 20, 2018
Permanent Legal | Blockchain

Job Description


Reports To: Head of Compliance

Location: Cyberjaya

Hours of Work: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

We are hiring a Legal Assistant for a new cryptocurrency exchange in Malaysia. With the international expansion in blockchain, IBV Group aims to establish a cryptocurrency exchange that is fully compliant with the regulations aimed at correspondence of securities token.

Infinity Blockchain Holdings is a holding company of a blockchain corporate group based in Singapore. In addition to the group's legal, financial, and labor supervisory functions, we provide professional services specialized in legal / finance of blockchain business both of inside and outside of the group.

Infinity Blockchain Labs is an R&D company specialized in blockchain based in Vietnam. It started from 4 people in 2015, now has grown to be one of Asia's largest blockchain companies, with 250 staff members. We are developing several blockchain products including "Infinito Wallet" which over 300,000 people use around the world. We are also focusing on research areas, and we are pursuing joint research for practical application in collaboration with Taiwan Technical University and the top university in Vietnam.

Infinity Blockchain Ventures is a blockchain-specialized accelerator company based in Thailand and Malaysia. It aims to create reverse-innovation that transforms the world from Asia and utilizes group companies’ strength with a wide range of resources from legal to development to maximize the client's blockchain business. We run the blockchain media called "Asia Blockchain Review" specialized in Southeast Asia, aiming to be a gateway in Asia in the blockchain industry.


***Legal Expert task

  • Coordinate with other group members and staffs to oversee legal compliance, legal structuring and restructuring, internal policy and legal operations of group members in response to standard legal practices in local jurisdiction and the international market
  • Coordinate with group members to provide legal consulting services to customers based on the latest regulations related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, token assets and related concepts
  • Conduct analysis into cryptocurrency, blockchain, industry related regulations, and promptly report to and update group members
  • Actively partake in networking and partner with regulatory authorities, sub-regulatory bodies, law firms, accounting firms and other professional organizations in the country where the group members locate and stay up-to-dated to the latest regulation and policies
  • Acquire business license for group members, obtain approval of regulatory sandbox to operate business, lead the dialogue with regulators where the regulations are not properly formulated

***General Legal Task

  • Provide accurate and prompt consultation about labor law, partnership, venture, company establishment, trademark, licensing application, etc
  • Draft contracts and other legal documents for the internal/external group, as well as conduct risk analysis and evaluation
  • Consult with the company and management team on legal and operational risks in management and take countermeasures in compliance with local jurisdictions, international laws and local law practices
  • Establish, monitor and maintain group governance, compliance, policies and guidelines


  • Degree in Law and Law license from applicable institutions
  • Proven track record as a legal counsel in business and professional environment
  • Proven track record in practicing international corporate laws
  • Experiences in advising and counselling international business negotiation and related legal/operational risks
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Native English proficiency in writing and speaking

You may need to travel frequently to other group members’ location in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.