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  • CryptoHorse
  • Remote, OR, USA
  • Nov 28, 2018
Remote Developer/Engineer Smart Contract | Blockchain Growth Hacker | Blockchain Marketing | Blockchain

Job Description

Dear applicants - you know what it means to post good content?

Have you ever heard of Influencer Marketing?

You think long term?

Then you are exactly right with us.

We are the founders of CryptoHorse. CryptoHorse is the world's first blockchain platform where you can buy, sell, collect, breed, and race horses created on Ethereum Blockchain.

Why should the project arouse your interest?

The gaming market is growing very fast. NewZoo's Global Games Market Report shows that 2.28 billion players worldwide are expected to spend $ 137.9 billion in 2018. This represents an increase of $ 29.8 billion or 21% over the previous year. So there is a lot of money and a big increase!

Now we know that games make a billion in revenue - but what does the user get out of it? Combined with the blockchain future technology, we have created a model where our users can combine the game world with the opportunity to earn money, have fun and be part of the next big technology.

You can not see the potential? That's why we give you the example "CryptoKitties". They did the same thing - only with cats and without races. In fact, they generated $ 20 million in revenue by the end of 2017 - by the way, a cat was sold for $ 100,000. In November, Samsung and Alphabet invested $ 15 million in CryptoKitties. Now think about the differences between cats and horses. Horses have been traded for millennia and there is a great tradition and community for horse racing around the world. There is a bigger market and more options with our CryptoHorses.

What do we need and want to do with you?

We want to build the best horse racing on Blockchain for the whole world. Our blockchain-based horse racing game is in the final stages of completion.

We offer a solid start with first users and sales.

We are looking for reinforcements for our great team, which sees the huge potential of CryptoHorse and makes us bigger than the kittens!

Now it is up to you to make the decision that you will never regret.

We expect from our co-founders a 3 to 6-month share-based collaboration.

also offer internships

We offer a remote workplace.

Once we have collected investor funds, there is an above-average fixed pay and other extras such as team meetings on the most beautiful islands on earth ...

We are only interested in co-founders who have the will and willingness to learn something new or share their knowledge with us.

We are looking for top-motivated and human co-founders.

We do not care about education, origin, gender, etc.

What matters is your will to move forward with us in big strides.

If you are interested, please send a CV and  e-mail to

I will gladly send you further information. (PitchDeck)

We can only consider applications that are sent directly to us via email.

ceo (at)



CEO CryptoHorse Project

Pay Rate

We pay more than average. The first months there are shares.