Senior Software Architect

  • P2P Models
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Jul 17, 2018
Permanent Software Architect | Blockchain

Job Description

What are we searching for?

  • A Senior Software Architect to lead the development of a blockchain-based framework to build collaborative Decentralized Autonomous OrganizationsP2P Models is a 5-year (2018-2022) EU-funded (1.5M€) project around blockchain and the commons, which will be based at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), with Principal Investigator and advisors from the Berkman Klein Center (Harvard University).
  • P2P Models aim is to build decentralized, democratic & sustainable Collaborative Economy organizations, aided by blockchain technologies. More in this thread:

What does the role involve?

  • Day-to-day software development responsibilities in an agile and free/open source context. Establish the architectural foundations and develop a software framework to build modular components of DAOs, with a focus on supporting collaboration and communities. Collaborate with other projects from the blockchain ecosystem  (e.g. Ethereum, Aragon, DAOstack, Holochain, OpenZeppelin), and contribute to and propose new standards (e.g. ERCs). Encode governance/economic models into smart contracts. Write high quality specifications as white papers.
  • Software project coordination, supporting other more junior developers. Work within a free/open source culture, working in the open. Keep current with the free/open source tools and technologies in the blockchain ecosystem, participating in related conferences while representing the project. Maintain fluent communication with other blockchain projects and the developer community to facilitate interoperability, reuse, and adoption. Coordinate with other non-technical team members to maximize the project impact.

We would love to meet you if you have

  • Experience with Ethereum, the EVMIPFS, and/or similar environments
  • Experience with P2P/distributed architectures
  • Ability to ship high quality, well crafted code
  • Passion for tinkering/solving a range of dynamic technology problems
  • Teamwork and interpersonal skills, including collaboration, empathy and adaptation
  • Fluency in English

And these are a plus

  • Experience with agile methodologies (e.g. SCRUM)
  • Experience working in a research setting, or holding a Master’s / PhD degree, in Computer Science or related area
  • Experience with architecture specification, API design, technology integration, Linux environments
  • Experience contributing or managing free/open source projects, especially blockchain/P2P related
  • Experience with web application development (e.g. React)
  • Experience in complex software projects and/or in multidisciplinary teams
  • Interest/experience in social movements, activism, commons-oriented initiatives, co-ops, and/or open collaborative communities
  • Consider yourself proactive, flexible and responsible, with abilities to work independently, assume leadership roles and work as part of a team
  • Underrepresented demographics in the blockchain field to increase the team diversity
  • Fluency in Spanish

Oh, and these are also nice to have

  • Sense of humour, verve, heart, and maybe a bit freak 
  • Desire to affect change in the world
  • Wide-range interests, e.g. Internet, decentralization, social research, critical theory, openness, communities

How to apply?

Send us an email to with your CV (mentioning 2-3 references) and a motivation letter. Feel free to write any question/doubt to including in the subject “Open position: Senior Dev”. The position is meant to start in Fall. The deadline for applicants is September 1, although we will hire as soon as we find the ideal candidate, so applicants are encouraged to submit asap.

Please read more about our Culture, Work conditions, etc.

Pay Rate

Depending on experience