Crypto Asset Rating Country Head Role

  • Crypto Asset Rating
  • USA
  • Jun 22, 2018
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Job Description

Crypto Asset Rating Inc. is a new US based independent rating agency. 

The development and work behind our project has been extensive, and finally we have reached the stage where we can start to operate, do marketing and most importantly, create business around our platform. We have developed proprietary rating algorithm based on 150+ rationales under 15 categories and we are on our mission standardize and produce reliable and comparable data of ICOs and tokens (CARP platform). 

We have very high internal governance and legal agreements in place to ensure full independency and transparency. The ratings will be published through smart contracts. 

We are also building a community platform (Crypto Business World; CBW) where crypto experts can participate in creating transparent and insightful content of cryptos and the market in general. We will manage the quality of the content. 

We are also launching our own ICO. We have done very detailed work with our lawyers, and our ICO in the US will be under SEC Regulation D, internationally under regulation S. The tokens are security tokens. 

We are inviting marketing professionals to fill up Country Head Position



1.     Develop Partner network in the respective country to market our rating product

2.     Market our ICO under Regulation S

3.     Reach to Institutional Investors and Retail Investors

4.     Market our Rating product and services

5.     Educate the community about Crypto Asset Rating

6.     Attend, present local meetup and present Crypto Asset Rating 



We expect Country head to appoint partner network. 



- You will receive our tokens. Once we finalize we can given no of tokens. Tokens will have 12 months lockup time frame

- You are eligible to earn commission on sales in USD, BTC, ETH or other Crypto Currency

- You are eligible to earn bonus on target achievement in USD, BTC, ETH or other Crypto Currency

- You have an opportunity to being hired on payroll after 6 months of performance


Limited Spots so reply quickly to any of our team member