Team Members with skills in the Blockchain Industry (Advisors, Lawyers, Project Managers, and Developers)

  • Divistock LLC
  • United States
  • Jun 20, 2018
Consultant | Blockchain Legal | Blockchain Product Management | Blockchain

Job Description

Hello, I am the founder of the Divistock Blockchain Project. We aim to develop a blockchain, platform and exchange for the tokenization of assets.

We are looking for smart, driven individuals to work with us that believe in our project and want for it to succeed with us. We are looking for project managers, ICO/Blockchain advisors, marketers, developers and lawyers. This job is remote and you do not need to be anywhere near the location of this job, you just need to be from the USA. 

As for compensation, we do not have funding at this time. So we are offering to give you a portion of the Divistock coins reserved for the team as well as a percentage of ICO funding. We can also work out agreements to be paid a salary after ICO funding is gained. 

Thank you for your interest in the Divistock Blockchain project. Please go to the following links to learn more about the project.


Business Plan:

Pay Rate

Contract, Will be paid with team coins and ICO Funding.