Chief Blockchain Scientist

  • The Pillar Project and 2030
  • London
  • May 25, 2018
Permanent Cryptography | Blockchain Data Scientist | Blockchain

Job Description

Pillar Labs is looking for a blockchain chief scientist: someone who knows all the consensus algorithms, attack vectors, token standards, forks, coin splitting, ASICs vs GPUs, Turing-complete vs special-purpose virtual machines, and new chains coming into the market. Must be able to code in Solidity, spin up any node, and tinker with any chain. Must have at least some serious software security background. At the very least - and this is beginner level - you must be able to explain most of these: elliptic-curve pairing, what HashGraph is, what a DAG is, what's wrong with Ripple, how Merkle trees protect blockchains, how stablecoins work (or don't), various proof-of-stake attacks and how to mitigate them. You'll be asked these and harder questions in an interview.

It's also helpful to understand at least a few of these: ontologies, taxonomies, AI, communication protocols, privacy, legal issues, zero-knowledge proofs, blockchain-based identity (DID), chain analytics, databases, token protocols, curved bonding, cross-chain protocols, etc. Our goal is to do research and produce proofs of concepts that become products, not write white papers. We will be making "build, buy, or rent" decisions, so you must have a thorough knowledge of many options.

This job is full-time in London. You must have a UK or EU work permit already. We pay competitively. 

Pay Rate

We pay top market rate.