Community Operations

  • Krypital Group
  • Plano, TX, USA
  • Mar 05, 2018
Operations | Blockchain

Job Description


  1. Constructing and operating of the company and project communities (WeChat / Telegram group), formulating operational plans and organize implementation.
  2. Maintaining good interaction with community users, answer and help solve the questions raised by users in the group.
  3. Establishing an effective means of operation to enhance user activity, increasing the number of users.
  4. Responsible for securing, nurturing and promoting for the needs of community users to improve / facilitate user conversion rate.


  1.    Bachelor degree or above, more than a year of community marketing related work experience, also in technology and finance, especially experience in the blockchain industry is preferred.
  2.    Passionate and strong communication skills and strong written and spoken English skills.
  3.    Possess a certain degree of market analysis and judgment, strong adaptability and ability to execute work in stressful conditions, good customer service awareness.