Investment manager

  • Krypital Group
  • Plano, TX, USA
  • Mar 05, 2018
Manager - Financial Services | Blockchain

Job Description


  1. Cooperating with the overall strategic development of the Company, explore opportunities for investment in blockchain projects, analysis, screen and compare the projects and put forward reasonable suggestions;
  2. Developing market, industry, and enterprise research, grasp the development trend of blockchain industry and hot spots of the capital market, formulate project feasibility report and implement project plan;
  3. Cooperating with the company to excavate and track the project of blockchain industry, coordinate the internal resources of the company and take charge of implementing and executing various investment projects;


  1.    Bachelor degree or above with a major in finance, economics, or science and engineering;
  2.    More than two years experience in venture capital companies or blockchain investment, a "block chain circle" contact experience is preferred;
  3.    Possess a keen market awareness, clear thinking, and strong ability to collect information, industry research capabilities; have a PPT writing ability, and excellent English literacy;