Senior Software Engineer (Data Platform)

  • Elliptic
  • London, England, United Kingdom
  • Apr 25, 2018

Job Description

What's the role?

Elliptic is looking for an ambitious, passionate, hands-on technology leader to help expand our cutting-edge blockchain analysis platform. As one of the Senior's for our Data Platform, we expect you to have both strong coding abilities and a passion for developing a high-performing team comprised of engineers, data scientists, and data analysts.

You will drive forward the design and development of our core systems while building a positive team culture where you are supporting colleagues and empowering them to grow as technical leaders and people.

We leverage open source technologies but have also written our own high-performance in-memory data pipelines and analytics engine. This is an area you will be actively involved in developing.

What you'll do:

Overall you will collaborate with engineers and data scientists to develop high performance, flexible data pipelines, visualisations, and analytical systems.
  • Immerse yourself in blockchain - how it works and the various services that use them
  • Guide the technical implementation of our data harvesting, curation, and analytics systems
  • Help make architectural decisions (and implement them!)
  • Research, prototype, and recommend new technologies and frameworks
  • Lead and develop a team of engineers and data scientists - taking care of hiring, onboarding, mentoring, career development, and performance management

What is the work like? What are the challenges?

From an engineering point-of-view the biggest challenges are:
  • Balancing high-performance data processing with flexible querying and auditability
  • Ensuring a single source of truth and a robust ontology for recording facts about participants on the blockchain
  • Keeping track of downstream impacts of changes to the data platform
  • Staying on top of blockchain developments, forks, etc. that could affect our systems
  • Proven industry experience with core Java and other relevant language
  • Strong CS fundamentals, including good working knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and concurrency.
  • A passion for developing and mentoring team members
  • Highly developed technical and people troubleshooting skills
  • Expertise with data pipelines and modeling for analytic scenarios (SQL, NoSQL, Graph databases)
  • Rigor in engineering best-practices and devops
  • Proficiency with Linux
  • A fast learner with enthusiasm for learning new technologies and applying them appropriately (avoiding one-size-fits all solutions)
  • Track record in building incredible engineering teams
  • Been actively involved in working with Product Managers to set priorities
  • Excellent communication skills

Bonus points for:
  • Exposure to real-time analytics and big data technologies (e.g. Spark, GraphX, Hadoop, Akka, ELK, etc.)
  • Experience with graph databases (e.g. Neo4j)
  • Familiarity with DevOps tools (e.g. Docker, Ansible, Hashicorp, Jenkins, etc.)
  • Experience deploying to cloud infrastructure
  • Appetite for discussions about economics, money, identity and privacy
  • Interest in cryptocurrencies