Blockchain, Crypto Asset Integration Developer (Intern)

  • Adventure Pizza Incorporated
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Feb 23, 2018
Remote Software Architect | Blockchain Database Developer, Engineer and Administrator | Blockchain Developer/Engineer Smart Contract | Blockchain

Job Description

We are building a co-browsing + markup tools + chat (communication) web application.

As part of our UI layer, we are planning to integrate the latest blockchain services in areas ranging from identity (Civic, uPort, Keybase, Ethereum) to asset contribution (Golem, Sia, Maidsafe, etc) to modern monetization (Basic Attention Token, Steem, Patreon, Augur, etc)

Many of these integrations will be first of their kind. Looking for individuals who want to learn, explore new territory and most importantly, ship code.

Experience with Node.js and any of the modern javascript frameworks like Angular and React is a plus.

Pay Rate

$0 / Equity