Blockchain Protocol Engineer

  • Intrepid ventures
  • Singapore
  • Oct 22, 2017
Remote Software Architect | Blockchain Developer/Engineer | Blockchain Developer/Engineer Smart Contract | Blockchain

Job Description

We're hiring a Blockchain Protocol Engineer.

Please apply here:

About the Role

A day in the life of a protocol engineer involves optimizing blockchain data structures, writing crypto algorithms, working with teammates on new designs and optimizations, and collaborating teammates on implementation and code review.

Helping to build core blockchain and enterprise technologies

Implement and develop blockchain protocol packages in Ethereum

Use formal methods to test the correctness of Ethereum Protocol

Create and maintain interfaces for API and Storage teams

Collaborate with teammates to produce a Protocol Specification


Writing excellent code

Experience developing in Golang or Java

Experience analyzing data structures and algorithms

Experience with language and compiler design or crypto engineering

Ability to analyze security on large scale systems

Designing, working with, and scaling distributed systems

Experience with some of the following:


Hadoop, Spark, or Docker contributions

Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL

SQL development and optimization


Concurrency and synchronization

Distributed computing

Common IPC/RPC methods and patterns

High availability and business continuity

Queuing patterns and pipeline design

Batch operations

Messaging systems and patterns

Solid OS / Networking fundamentals

Virtual memory management

File system design


System administration knowledge

Network architecture

Technologies We Use.

Custom applications built on top of our core Intrepid platforms provide the foundation for our deployments.

Golang, Rust, Haskell, Java, and Node.JS for our back-end applications.

React, Angular, and JQuery for our front-end web technologies.

Mongo DB, Level DB, Rethink DB for our databases.

Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tendermint for our Blockchain implementations.

Solidity for Smart Contract Development.

Intrepid Ventures cloud infrastructure is based on AWS EC2, S3, and Google Cloud

What We Value

Strong engineering background, preferred in fields such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Software Engineering, Physics.

Familiarity with blockchain technology, storage systems, cloud infrastructure, cryptography libraries, and other technical tools.

Ability to work effectively in teams of technical and non-technical individuals.

Skill and comfort working in a rapidly changing environment with dynamic objectives and iteration with users.

Emotional intelligence and the consideration of your teammates.

The Ability to work across teams to engage project partners, deeply understand problems, and use teamwork to drive successful revenue generating outcomes.

Reflection and continuous self-improvement.

Adaptive and introspective; willing to learn, teach, lead, and follow

Not afraid of long hours when necessary; able to handle stress well and maintain a positive attitude

Pay Rate

$90,000 - 120,000 USD