Biz Ops Manager (FinTech/Blockchain - Stealth Mode)

  • Intelletec
  • Mar 26, 2021

Job Description

This FinTech payments/blockchain company is in stealth mode. They are developing technology designed from the ground up to address issues currently limiting adoption and practical use of cryptocurrencies for payments.

  • Confirm our Ecommerce hypothesis by identifying the target markets within e-commerce and conducting a rigorous set of user-interviews. Use this research to define true GTM plan,
  • Bring the web of necessary business partners needed to make this product a reality. I.e.: fiat onramp, payment processor, maybe money transmitters).
  • Build out a repeatable sales process
  • Produce sales materials for investors, merchants, channel partners -- whomever we're selling to
  • Once initial e commerce use cases are underway (or flop), research feasibility of other potential products, set GTM, and then bring in the right partners to make this a reality.

  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent (Masters a plus)
  • Founder-like fire, characteristics; 5x output normal employee
  • Deep understanding of how the payments industry works, and deep connections within it with:
  • Basic technical understanding: understanding how to read a payments API, and to understand blockchain at a high enough level to explain it to merchants, understand the inherent benefits and risks.

  • $200,000
  • Equity