Senior Embedded Engineer

  • Intelletec
  • Jan 17, 2021

Job Description

Intelletec is seeking a Senior Embedded Software Engineer to join a well-funded autonomous vehicle startup in the Bay Area.

To date, they have raised a $22.5Million in their Series A round. They have built a team of incredibly talented and ambitious people challenging the norm in the automotive industry.

  • 5+ years working on embedded systems.
  • Industry C/C++ programming experience with a focus on linux and embedded environments.
  • Familiar with Operating Systems concepts.

Preferred Skills
  • Worked with embedded SoCs like TI TDAx, Nvidia Tegra, Renesas V3x, Infineon AURIX, NXP MPC5xxxx.
  • Familiar with embedded linux.
  • Worked with RTOS such as QNX, FreeRTOS, ThreadX, etc.

Desired Skills
  • Familiar with ROS or ROS 2.
  • Familiar with AUTOSAR, functional safety, ISO 26262.
  • Knowledge of CAN, ethernet.
  • Interfacing with automotive radar, lidar, camera systems.