Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Token Foundry @ ConsenSys
  • Aug 19, 2020

Job Description

DevOps and Security Engineer

Open source software delivers billions of dollars per year in economic value, but the developers themselves aren't properly incentivized or compensated. Gitcoin is an incentivization power-tool for open source software repositories. Gitcoin pushes open source forward by enabling software developers to fund open source software with cryptocurrency. Gitcoin is the first blockchain-enabled funding tool built by and for software developers. We sustain open source software by incentivizing developers to contribute to open source, and provide a platform for open source projects to receive matching funding via innovative economic tools like quadratic funding.

If you are a DevOps Engineer who is passionate about security, cryptocurrency, economics and sustaining open source we want to talk to you :)

You are driven to create customer value. You can empathize with customers and our user base to understand their needs and make the right decisions to make using the platform as seamless as possible.
You understand the importance of securing systems against attacks, both digital and social, as well as analyzing user behavior to find suspicious and unethical activity, such as sybil attacks.
You understand the world of cryptocurrency and the different tools, systems, security issues and responsibilities of different aspects of the ecosystem.
You have a bias towards action. You get things done. When you can't get them done, you communicate why.
You are respectful towards our community, our customers and your teammates.
You inspire engineers around you to be better at what they do. You inspire the community of coders at Gitcoin.
You believe in creating a better world. Your missions is to grow & support open source software and to create a blockchain ecosystem that does so.


Building and maintaining reliable CI/CD systems to enable the core engineering team to increase velocity.
Monitoring and deploying AWS infrastructure to ensure high reliability at an efficient cost
Using configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, etc. to manage and secure production servers
Comfortable using Linux and Docker
Creating systems and tools to allow efficient monitoring and securing of platforms
Analyzing blockchain transaction data to find suspicious behavior.