Google AdWords, YouTube & Bing Advertiser

  • IBC
  • Apr 03, 2020

Job Description

We seek an "Advertiser" who is an expert user of Google AdWords, YouTube, and Bing.

Candidates must have experience in the following:

For AdWords Search
- AdWords remarketing in Search
- AdWords GDN (Google Display Network)
- AdWords remarketing GDN (Google Display Network)
- AdWords YouTube advertising
- AdWords remarketing YouTube advertising

For Analytics:
- Setting up remarketing lists in Analytics
- Creating advanced remarketing lists in Analytics
- Setting up Gmail ads & Gmail ads for remarketing
- Bing, setting up search ads for Bing & Yahoo
- Bing, creating remarketing lists

Please answer the following questions when submitting your CV and Skype ID:

Give us a brief of your experience on Google AdWords, YouTube, and Bing?
Why should we hire you?