Email Marketer

  • IBC
  • Apr 03, 2020

Job Description

We seek an experienced "Email Marketer" to maintain our email marketing campaign, write and send a daily target of cold emails to our clients and follow up with replies, handle all email marketing, including building email lists, segmentation and promoting new products/ services , produce email marketing reports, research and find the most profitable campaigns.

Required Qualifications:
-2-5 years of email marketing experience.
-Proven experience of working with email marketing applications MailChimp, Sendloop, Bronto & Clickfunnels.
-Experience with Google Analytics and tracking email campaigns in Analytics.
-Proven experience with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and building customer loyalty.
-Experience with managing big email databases.
-Experience with setting up customer privacy policies and up to date with USA & EU email privacy rules.
-A creative writer who knows how to write compelling emails.
-Outstanding English writing skills.
-Fluent English speaker.
-Other experiences (bonus), experience with Pipedrive, Asana and or Jira.
-Additional experience, experience in the cryptocurrency world.

Please answer the following questions when submitting your CV and Skype ID:

Would you give us a brief of your email marketing experience?
What applications do you use usually for email marketing campaigns?
For what companies have you been building email databases and how big where these databases (an estimate is enough)
Why should we hire you?