Digital Assets International

Digital Assets International ("DAI"):


Digital Assets International is a fast growing investment management firm specializing in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space. To date, DAI has completed over 15 digital asset acquisitions and is underway to double our acquisition portfolio in 2017. DAI is looking for a highly experienced, results-driven industry veteran that has strong organization and research skills, along with a passion in technology to join our growing team. Our founders have extensive involvement in investment banking, private equity and Silicon Valley ventures and are leveraging their knowledge to benefit digital asset owners and investors in North America. On top of finance and private equity experiences, the management team also possess a combined 15+ years of crypto investing experiences and have an extensive network in the crypto space. Given the current uptrend of cryptocurrencies, DAI is aiming to launch a crypto hedge fund and eventually launching an ICO ourselves.


Digital Strategies (“Digistrats”):


Digital Strategies is a US-based digital asset private equity and software development company that DAI partners for developing blockchain technologies. As a CTO, you will be reporting to both companies and create a blockchain/ICO launching solution for the partners.

We are the same team behind a successful software company with a cutting-edge Video Personalization Platform that has grown from zero to a run rate of over 7-figures top line. is our most recent development effort.

Check out a few examples of the tech we developed in past projects:

Something that you won't be involved in but an interesting fact is we also buy & sell businesses (completed over $7mm of acquisitions just this year) and own equity in these brands:

On our webinars we often get comments of people "peeing" themselves when they see it & we have a team of full-time engineers constantly improving the platform. It's an innovative solution in the video personalization space.

Work from home or travel to our international offices. We travel. Our VP of Sales is in Dominican Republic this month for pleasure after a short stay in Mexico, Costa Rica, Aruba and Vegas. Others are in Germany traveling to Thailand. We have many paying international customers in 718+ cities and they love VideoRemix so much, our team members were able to stay in Aruba and many other countries free with customers.