About IDNI

IDNI is a remote-first software development company with employees across Europe, US and Asia. This is a permanent position open to applicants globally, provided a willingness to work Euopean timezones.

IDNI is led by Ohad Asor, inventor of Tau and Agoras and the rest of the 20 person team.

IDNI Remote
May 29, 2021
About the products, Tau & Agoras IDNI is developing Tau. Tau is an intelligent social system that allows people to instantly understand each other’s opinions & knowledge then combine this with world data in an extremely powerful way. Tau enables an entire social system to have concurrent and continuous conversations that can scale to an unlimited amount of people, with complete understanding of one another with meaning intact. In short, Tau is a paradigm shift in understanding. Tau is based upon novel logical AI technology currently under development IDNI’s in-house development team. Agoras, also under development, will be a layer on top of Tau’s intelligent system which will serve as an intelligent economy offering features such as a knowledge market, computational resources market and, a derivatives market.     About this role ·       IDNI is looking for a senior level UX & Product designer to join IDNI team, that is capable of inventing, designing...