Edge Capital Management

Edge Capital Management is an innovative alternative investment manager focused on digital assets, blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) markets. We seek to identify untapped opportunities in these markets based on our multidisciplinary expertise in macro trading and analysis, portfolio and risk management, combined with our extensive knowledge and experience in fintech, DeFi and blockchain technologies. We apply a proprietary, fundamentally-driven approach to identifying investment opportunities that can deliver consistent returns, while providing strong diversification benefits to traditional investment portfolios.

Edge Capital Management Miami, FL, USA
Apr 29, 2021
(1) DeFi Strategist and Trader Job Description We are looking for a blockchain strategist and trader that has 2 years+ of experience in blockchain on the development and/or trading sides. The candidate will be responsible for identifying the best DeFi emerging protocols that can deliver high net returns mostly in staking and liquidity mining strategies. The candidate will be responsible for analyzing the potential viability of protocols, economics of their models, as well as trade execution. Responsibilities Generation of investment ideas in Defi space Brainstorm and help evaluate protocols and technologies as they continually evolve Document new solutions as well as maintaining that of existing ones Skills Strong knowledge of DeFi and blockchain Math, programming or economics backgrounds. Experience working with open-source projects Familiarity with basic cryptography Familiarity with P2P networks Basic knowledge of Solidity and/or other...