Newfang is a storage platform on blockchain, centred around privacy, built for Developers and Decentralized Applications. Users care about privacy now more than ever before and it is becoming a first-class citizen in the modern development stack. Newfang makes it easier for apps to be privacy-focused out of the box.

With Newfang, developers give control of data back to their users. Easily integrate our SDKs with apps and use our modular feature blocks for Authentication, Identity, Encryption, Access Control, and Storage, all secured by and verifiable on the blockchain.

Skizzle Remote
Feb 24, 2021
The Role At its core the job entails: Building online communities of evangelists and developers on Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. Building offline developer communities in India and abroad. Create consistent content on social media for Newfang and Drive initiatives to engage with other blockchain projects and partners in the crypto/blockchain and privacy ecosystem through AMA’s, interviews, hackathons etc. Help build a vibrant volunteer-run community across key cities and geographies. We will guide and coach you but will not micromanage, you will have the freedom to ideate and fail. You would be an ideal fit if you: Have a strong meme game. We are not joking. Have good written and verbal communication skills. Are interested in building online communities and love to ideate engaging campaigns. Are comfortable with and curious about understanding how new technologies work. Blockchain is evolving at an incredibly fast pace everyday....