Trill Remote
Feb 01, 2021
I am looking for a CTO to work with on a start-up. I intend to built a digital asset eco-system based around a decentralised and centralised exchange aggregator, with a fiat on and offramp integrated as part of the structure. I already have a banking partner in hand. A lot of it will be just integrating with existing services and platforms already out there through API's and such, but I would still consider it to be a relatively large task and would be looking for a full time partner on it with me rather than a once-off freelancer. This is early days and I'm currently scouting, I would like to get the development work costed out properly now from prospective partners. I will then seek funding, and we can begin. For the right partner, I would be happy to offer equity in the start-up as well, for which I have big ambitions. With your expertise and guidance, down the road we can also build a team on your side (technical, dev) for additional needs if there are any....