Common Lands is the world’s first decentralized autonomous housing cooperative. Our vision is to use the DAO model and cooperative housing structure to empower 1 million families to become homeowners over the next decade, giving most an unparalleled opportunity in building generational wealth.

The past year in the U.S. has been transformative. We’ve watched our communities and loved ones across the country struggle with unemployment, evictions, and the financial burden associated with medical care, exacerbating the discrimination and inequities our vulnerable communities already face. Simultaneously the ever-growing social justice movement is urgently expressing the need to address the immense inequities in our country. One key way to do this is not only to guarantee financial stability for every family but give families an attainable path towards producing generational wealth, ensuring the generations that follow do not fall victim to the same economic hardship.

The foundational way to produce generational wealth is through homeownership. But the majority of American families, 43 million, are trapped in a cycle of wealth destruction, forced to rent their home due to the financial barriers associated with homeownership. Common Lands is creating an alternative path towards homeownership that our current financial system does not provide. By building a DAO that provides cooperative housing, these renting families will be able to become first-time homeowners while simultaneously obtaining generational wealth in doing so. We are for the community, by the community,and as such will be a community-owned, community-run organization that takes a “needs-based approach” for its decision making. This drives our core set of values: