Ledgerback Digital Commons Research Cooperative

The Ledgerback Digital Commons Research Cooperative (LedgerbackØDCRC) is a nonprofit cooperative association and pluralist network fostering collaboration between stakeholders and unifying the study of the internet and society (i.e., the network society) through open science, cooperativism, systems thinking and pilots to transition towards a global technological commonwealth.

Ledgerback Digital Commons Research Cooperative Remote
Nov 15, 2020
We’re looking for a new co-op member to join us. The role will involve working in the core and/or administrative activities of the cooperative, and helping the co-op's efforts to improve operational capacity. Research-wise, this might include remaining abreast of ongoing research and trends in a topic(s) that the co-op covers under its research themes and discussing with other members or the general public your thoughts on research, or working on projects with fellow members or collaborators, or setting up collaborative networks of researchers and citizens. Operations-wise, this may include helping the co-op in its operational activities by offering to work on the core areas of the business (i.e., helping out with "back-office" work such as administrative activities) or updating rules and procedures. Team-wise, this might include attending regular meetings and taking part in collective decision-making. We also expect you to have opinions on issues related to the business...