Non Surgical Facelift

The London-based Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology Centre--a well-known and trusted name in the domain of facelift non-surgical processes--has a flawless record in helping people arrest the swift advancement of age, through their exceptional non-surgical facelift process. They use thread lift procedure, to not only restore your youth but improve your appearance as well. Thread lift is basically a procedure which may be successfully performed inside just an hour or so. No wonder, many industry watchers call it a “lunch-hour facelift”. The USPs of thread lift process is that it causes little or no pain or soreness, and requires no general anesthesia either. What further makes it so special is that it’s pretty cost-effective. Compared to other non-surgical face lift processes--such as Dermal Fillers, Facial Aesthetics, botox, etc.--thread lift, no wonder, is better and more suitable for all age groups in need of non-surgical face lift procedures.