Conflux is a next generation blockchain network that solves the blockchain trilemma –  scalability, decentralization, and security – that taken together make possible a universal public infrastructure for our digital economy. The team endeavours to provide the world with an open permissionless blockchain network that will underpin a next generation internet and financial infrastructure. It is currently the world’s highest performing Proof-of-Work (PoW) public blockchain with transaction throughput that exceeds 3,500 transactions per second and confirmation times of between 20-30 seconds.

Conflux was founded by world renowned computer scientists from Tsinghua University and University of Toronto, including Turing Award winner Dr. Andrew Yao, winner of the prestigious and Dr. Fan Long, a two-time gold medalist in the International Olympiad of Informatics & Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. The core team is comprised of prominent and well-recognized scientists in the fields of distributed systems, programming languages, cyber security, cryptography, and game theory from some of the top universities in the world including Tsinghua University, MIT, UC Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon University. The team is backed by Sequoia Capital, MetaStable Capital, Baidu Ventures, IMO Ventures, Huobi, Shunwei Capital, Frees Fund, Fundamental Labs and IOSG Ventures.