Braintrust is the first freelance talent marketplace that is owned by its users via a token.

Our core beliefs:

  • While talent is equally distributed around the world opportunity is not. 

  • The old models are of how people work are dull, outdated and in urgent need of reinvention. 

  • People should be able to do work they love, on their own terms, and keep 100% of the value.

That’s why we decided to start Braintrust. To build the future of work. 

We’re on the cutting edge of a massive shift in the way that people work. Our platform enables talented people around the world to connect with organizations needing highly skilled workers for mission critical projects. Braintrust leverages blockchain technology to ensure incentives stay aligned across all network participants:  freelancers, organizations that need talent, and those that help build the network.

We’re founded by 3 successful serial entrepreneurs: Adam Jackson, Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski and Brian Flynn.

We raised a $5m seed round from leading Silicon Valley investors including IDEO, True Ventures, Homebrew, Galaxy Digital and Uprising.