MadHive provides a unified video ad platform with a real-time AI powered by blockchain technology. MadHive’s machine learning orchestration layer harnesses data from disparate sources and seamlessly integrates existing technology. We build innovative products for OTT/Web/Mobile to capture 1st party data, and connect audiences across devices. We connect walled gardens together using blockchains for safe data portability and a goal of building standard audience segments across vod/ott.

MadHive New York, NY, United States
Mar 16, 2017
Madhive // Blockchain + Ad Tech: MadHive is a video advertising and data platform that allows brands and publishers to measure customer intent data and build audiences across screens and platforms. Our AI driven system that uses blockchain to move data around is young and looking for people to help build the system. We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer experienced in either (or both) Ad Tech and Blockchain. Our prime technologies are in java, python, golang, javascript and ruby running on google cloud. So experience in one or all is mandatory.  Additional experience in blockchain, tensor flow, “data science”, aerospike, bigquery, dataflow, and machine learning in general is really beneficial. Knowledge about VAST, RTB, SSP, DSP and the usual adtech blah blah is all really helpful. Is it just us or is this whole industry just a bit bloated with terms and useless tech? Anyway. come join a smart well funded team to really stretch your tech legs. We pay you with money, snacks, coffee (and more coffee), equity, and juicy tech problems. We also have nice chairs and an office that isn’t in a webarf.  So fire up those resumes and send them down an internet tube to us. A witty cover letter gets you bonus points. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯