Spacesoft LLC

Company Introduction

Hi, my name is Alesandro and I’m a CEO at Spacesoft LLC, a blockchain start-up with the aim of developing the first ever General Purpose Consensus Machine. We don’t want just to improve blockchain tech or create a new use case for Daaps. What drives us is a belief that distributed ledger technology, with the proper game theoretical design and technical innovations, can become a machine for reaching truly decentralized consensus on any data, whether within the ledger (transactions, computations) or outside of its domain, in the external world. To make the programmable money that seamlessly interact with real world and to open that box of unimaginable possibilities we need you – senior blockchain developer.

More about us:

Working with us has its benefits:

-you can work remotely

-flexible working hours

-you will help to build one of the most innovative ideas in the space

-unique atmosphere of open-mindedness, curiosity and ambition

-a certain percentage of cryptocurrency’s (that we’ll create) initial supply will be allocated to you