We are Omnitude. A rapidly growing startup launched by serial entrepreneurs and run by a team gathered from the best of the best.

We have both feet planted firmly in the blockchain space. Predominantly a software business creating the world’s first abstracted blockchain framework with a Self-sovereign identity system at its heart.

What the hell does this mean? We enable large forward thinking enterprises to adopt blockchain without having to update their current systems.

Agile, ambitious and expert. We are a mix of deep tech knowledge and real-world pragmatism. Brave souls pursuing a vision of trust, security and clarity in a complex digital world, looking for like-minded individuals who are powered by the desire to change the future through technology.

We are consultants, solution providers, and platform creators.

We want more of what we’ve got, courage, conviction, grit and determination. Fellow visionaries that can teach us a thing or two.

Based on the sunny South Coast of the UK, we have a significant presence here and in the USA, operating out of Austin and Atlanta.

We’ve grown from an idea to an enterprise solution in the blink of an eye, working with some of the most future facing businesses globally to deliver tomorrow’s solutions, integrating them into today’s world.

But we are not just about technology, we are first and foremost a bunch of eclectic individuals with a shared vision, not afraid to be human, in fact we celebrate it!

It’s not technology that will change the world, it’s what people do with it that will really make an impact.

We are a team, we never forget that, non-conformists that refuse to sing the same song as everyone else.

If you are looking to make an impact and be appreciated for it, if you get excited by a vision of what can be, if you’ve got the courage and determination to deliver against your promises, then we may well get along very, very well.