A Simple App for Freedom, Prosperity & Wealth Inception

Our vision is to offer an App which enables people to create freedom, prosperity & wealth without trading time for income. The team has gained experience working at start-ups, hedge funds, investment firms, banks and listed global corporations. 

GRAYLL is focused on crypto-currency markets and tokenized assets. The systems can be applied to anything, for example commodities, art, real estate, weather metrics, social media trend data and so forth.

GRAYLL will be simple to use for everyone like many popular mobile & web applications. Similar to Gmail, Instagram and Snapchat signing up and using the GRAYLL App will be a user friendly experience.

Applied DLT & Machine Learning to an algorithmic financial system that creates exponential profits automatically, accessible via a simple App.

GRAYLL Remote, Anywhere, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Austrlia
Nov 25, 2019
We are using modern web technologies, to develop new UI/UX and improve our client's experience. We are looking for developers with an eye for design, and thoughtful attention to detail, passionate about simplicity and elegant design and user flow. ***HTML5, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, TypeScript, WordPress, Node.js, Vue.js, React.js, Chart.js, Angular, Ionic, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - Steaming Real-Time Charts (Charting Libraries) *Able to explore new ideas and think outside the box to overcome technical hurdles. *Has to have experience with Web3, and expertise with modern CSS. *Has to have experience with CSS pre-processors. *Deep knowledge of Angular, React and JavaScript, Chart.js, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) *Experience with UI design and frameworks *Experience with software source control systems (Bitbucket, GitHub) *Experience with WordPress *Highly competent with streaming data charts. *Consult with Product Owner, customers and users in decision making surrounding user flows, sitemaps, layout, styling and technical feasibility. *Strong experience in using UX design and a deep understanding of mobile-first design. *Design delivery - Lead the ideation and experience design of complex web and mobile solutions. *Create strategic design and user-experience decisions for new and existing functions and features. *Ability to provide your work to product management and engineers clearly and constructively. *Work closely with the team to find elegant but practical solutions to design challenges that create amazing experiences for our users. *Work with researchers and product managers to understand needs of different user groups. *Consult with Product Owner, customers and users in decision making surrounding user flows, sitemaps, layout, styling and technical feasibility. *Rapidly produce working prototypes to put your designs to the test. *Perform required and necessary analytics to monitor client behavior metrics (Google, tracking tags, web trends, browser, AB/multivariate testing, etc.) and implement tags to provide information and determine ongoing improvements to our solutions. Requirements: *Three to five years of UX design experience. *Strong working knowledge in UX software such as Sketch, OmniGraffle, Axure, InVision, UXPin, Balsamiq, PhotoShop, Illustrator, or Framer. *Experience creating clickable prototypes and pixel-perfect mockups . *Ability to work with clients to understand detailed requirements, iterate design solutions, take constructive feedback, and meet the needs and vision of the stakeholders. *Experience with UX design best practices, mobile-first and responsive design. *A solid grasp of design thinking, user-centered design (UCD), conversion rate optimization, e-commerce, rapid prototyping, usability, and accessibility concerns. *Be passionate about resolving user pain points through great design. *Strong interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. *Experience in designing a highly user friendly platform with a modern look and feel and created with the right techniques. *Proven track record of designing and delivering user-centered experiences on web and mobile. *Ability to work closely with technical staff to understand product’s technical limitations and design solutions that meet user’s needs even with tight constraints. *Technical background, analytical thinking and can think of outside of the box. *Knowledge of cryptocurrency space and platforms that crypto enthusiasts use would be an advantage. *A convincing portfolio demonstrating previous design and research experience. *Ability to clearly and effectively communicate design processes, ideas, and solutions to teams and clients. *Be passionate about all things UX and other areas of design and innovation. *Research and demonstrate knowledge and experience in the industry’s latest trends and technologies.
GRAYLL Remote, Anywhere, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Austrlia
Oct 29, 2019
We are looking for excellent backend Golang engineers to join our project. Location can be remote. We do not look at this as a job but we are building a collective of amazing engineers and people working together to create a revolutionary App for the masses backed by a system with cutting edge tech. As a project we prioritize value generation first for everyone. Scope of Work: ​* Implementation and re-design of System Architecture * Constant performance testing and improvement of our architecture​   * Lots of work around trading and high volume data handling and transfer * Design and implementation of a low-latency, high-availability, and performant algorithms * ​Work with Stellar, Codius & Interledger - Distributed Ledger Technologies * Working on completely novel financial products & services in the crypto/blockchain/DLT world, setting up the base-layer infrastructure of a trading system * Possibly Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Skills & requirements ​* 3+ years of experience as a backend engineer, language agnostic but Go, NodeJS required. * Strong proficiency & experience working with Golang, Microservices, Google Cloud Services and potentially Firebase Services for MVP build as well as Docker & Kubernetes. * ​Experience and passion working with distributed systems and networking, Stellar advantageous * Strong interest in blockchains/DLT and related technologies, for our solution Stellar and potentially Codius & Interstellar will be required * Passion for delivering quality, secure code, robust architectures and proficient at testing * User authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments * Interest in privacy and cryptography, trading and financial service * Potential Interest or experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning *​Understanding fundamental design principles behind various consensus algorithms *Understanding differences between dPOS, DAGs, Plasma, BFT, aBFT, etc. *Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests *Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git Your education or experience is much less relevant than your skills and drive. We mainly look for people who are passionate about projects they work on and have the drive to see a project through. The code will be mostly done in Golang. =================================================================================== We are currently in the process of launching an IEO or a series of IEO rounds, the remuneration package will be determined by this and will be discussed once you have applied. What to send: ​1] Anything that reflects on your knowledge and experience in the field 2] Links to your GitHub/Stack Overflow/Portfolio/something awesome you've built that you’re proud of 3] A resume and/or LinkedIn profile 4] How many hours/week would you be able to work on the project?