We are a crypto trading firm specialized in Elliott wave theory and Fibonacci. The mission we have is outperforming traditional buy and hold strategies.There is no such thing as an equilibrium in financial markets. That's why we rather trade the sentiment/volatility. 

LunarExpress Belgium
Mar 19, 2019
Are you good at online marketing and cryptocurrencies are your passion?  Then i might have an interesting job offer for you.  I'm looking for people that can do marketing tasks. This can range from writing articles, make video's, post on social media, make graphic designs, ... You don't have to be good at all these skills. If you only want to do 1 thing than that's also fine. I'm paying a good salary but i can't give any numbers since it depends on the type of tasks. (Difficult tasks get paid more than easy one's.)  Let me know what type of marketing job you are interested in.