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TruStory Los Angeles
Feb 05, 2019
THE ROLE We seek smart, analytical thinkers to pioneer our Research Analyst Program. The role is designed to be a paid 10-week full-time internship or a 3 to 6 month part-time role. TruStory is based in Los Angeles, CA but analysts have the option to work remotely. Description of responsibilities: Research crypto claims : Actively monitor crypto news to tease out interesting claims that can be debated on our platform. Examples can be found  here . Analyze evidence : Gather and analyze information from credible sources to verify or refute claims.   Back & challenge claims : Engage with the existing claims on the platform by posting additional arguments and evidence. REQUIREMENTS You are naturally curious and seek to understand how things work at a fundamental level. You think critically and are analytically driven. You communicate complex ideas effectively in writing. You believe in our mission and get frustrated by ignorance and misinformation online. You are fascinated by crypto and need to learn more. You love devouring information (Twitter, Wikipedia, Medium, News publications, etc.). You have the humility to change your mind when someone makes a better point. WHAT YOU GET IN RETURN Become a better critical thinker : The process of finding and analyzing claims changes  how you think  about information. You will learn  through  claim analysis. Network with crypto experts : Network with industry experts through discussions on Discourse and Q&A on our private Slack group. Expand on your crypto knowledge:  Attend regular study sessions led by  Preethi  and intimate AMAs with industry leaders (e.g. Jon Choi, Arjun Balaji, Zaki Manian, Haseeb Qureshi) on specific crypto topics. Build your personal brand : By actively debating important crypto claims on the TruStory platform, you will showcase your subject-matter knowledge and earn respect from the crypto community. Opportunity to join full-time:  TruStory is just getting started. If you’re successful in the role, we may evaluate you for open, permanent positions.  In the modern information ridden world, the only way to survive is to showcase your ability to think critically. We've had  Paul ,  Bhaumik ,  Justin  and many others join our community and go from zero to hero in 3 months. Apply here: