Dovetail Lab

We develop software that allows patient data to be shared to improve healthcare systems, healthcare products and healthcare services. But only with your say so. That’s why we put informed patient consent at the heart of all data sharing. Making integration a reality and fragmentation a thing of the past.

Health data is increasingly prolific yet it exists in many silos. Sharing this data for care, research or to advise targeted health and wellbeing interventions is difficult, because we the patients are not in control of it. Often, data is not shared when it is needed. Or it is shared without our knowledge and permission. We miss out on a holistic view of our health.

Giving patients access, visibility and control over their health data using explicit and informed consent to drive data sharing delivers the right data, when and where it is needed. We harness certain unique qualities of distributed ledger technology to verify identity, store consent and create tamper-proof audit records of every data exchange. To ensure this crucial information is never altered, delayed or lost.