Digital Financial Markets Infrastructure Solutions Provider.

Ivno.io London, UK
Oct 30, 2018
The digital financial world is changing fast and Ivno.io is right at the epicentre of where Technology meets Finance. Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies, Cryptocurrencies, Utility Tokens, Smart Contracts, and Digital assets all play a key role in this space where for a number of years trillions of dollars have moved around the world's Capital Markets. We are here to evolve the transfer of value using digital methodologies and the very latest in cutting edge technologies.   We believe that the same tokenisation and cryptographical technology that underpins bitcoin can transform the entire financial infrastructure and that this process will unlock entirely new business models and consumer value.   We are moving at speed and have a need for an Intern to work on the Business side in our high energy high velocity team. This is a rare opportunity to join a team in the early stages of the company. This role would suit someone who can work to a high level of detail, in a fast paced, hard working environment.   Key Challenges You will be working in a fast paced, highly professional environment. You will need to be able to quickly understand complex topics and have a thirst for learning emerging concepts. You will benefit from working closely and directly with our CEO. You will need to be comfortable with a high work rate and the expectation that you will invest maximum effort in achieving our business goals Meeting senior and notable business people in the world of capital markets and blockchain. Our key customers include the largest blockchain businesses and banks in the world.  You’ll need to keep your head around senior people being able to communicate clearly when required. You will need to be highly organised, compiling pertinent notes from meetings and ensuring all follow up actions from meetings are recorded.     What we are looking for You are able to tackle tasks on your own or as part of the team You take action and work through a task you understand but also go and learn how to solve an unknown if needed You can step back from the detail and think abstractly when necessary, and jump back into the tangibles at will You can multi task - working on a number of tasks or projects concurrently for one or more of the management team  You are most likely studying or have studied a numerate degree You are structured and methodical in your thinking, and can listen and absorb information, instructions, and replay these when needed Discretion – you will be exposed to a high number of commercially sensitive topics, you will be expected to maintain strict confidence under all circumstances   Bonus Marks for… Having an active interest in Blockchain, Crypto currencies, or other related technologies You can explain at a high level how BitCoin differs from Ethereum You enjoy telling us about your Track record of going the extra mile (with examples)   About us – who we are Delivery focussed and Mission-Led Believers in the digital evolution, crypto currency for business, regulated and safe institutional flows A superb combination of Finance, Technology, and industry experienced professionals A supportive and intelligent team working together each and every day to solve problems, breakdown obstacles, and quickly move on to embracing the next challenge High Energy, High commitment, High velocity, High quality output We continually optimize our runway adjusting our activities to focus on those that allow us to move forwards Nothing is impossible, we see the glass half full, and always look for solutions We always strive to improve and deliver beyond expectations We do and mean what we say, as integrity is important to us     Success measures Your key goal is to bring additional organisation to support our commercial relationships You will be measured on your contribution to ensuring that no commitment is missed no matter how trivial. You will be expected to work hard and learn fast, as this is for someone that expects work to be a big part of their life during an accelerated learning and delivery phase of their career     What's in it for you?  You’ll work directly for the senior leadership team and have access to the full support of the Ivno.io team and resources Use case Workshops, Business team whiteboarding sessions, client meetings, business analysis, financial modelling, technical prototyping, competitor research. Incredible opportunity to work within a Start-up environment in FinTech whilst being at the centre of the world of blockchain, distributed ledgers, crypto currencies First hand exposure to how these technologies can be applied to use cases within the traditional Financial Markets (think Investment Banks, Retail Banks, Brokers, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Clearing Houses, Central Banks)     You will be based in our awesome offices within an incubator/accelerator FinTech community - right at the heart of Canary Wharf rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest financial services in this nascent industry.   If this is you then why wait - just contact us now and apply today for same-day feedback.