VoozoDealer is an automotive finance specialist based in London & Wolverhampton. We aim to build a platform, that addresses supply and demand of vehicles and vehicle finance in a way that will transform the automotive market as we know it. 

VoozoDealer is a well established player in the vehicle leasing market, and one of the quickest growing firms in this space. We are currently launching a Series A round of funding to help facilitate the next generation of development before we take our solution global. 

We are looking for a CTO to work with the CEO and our team, to help make our vision a reality. We have already made key traction in this market, but are now looking for someone who loves cars and technology to join the team. 

If you like cars, and you love technology like Blockchain, AI, and are looking for the opportunity to make a mark on a huge industry opportunity, now is your chance. Get in touch and setup a call with us.