VeryFile Sagl

Veryfile is a global blockchain network for high-quality sensitive file management. Customized smart contracts will eliminate country borders and connect businesses worldwide. Our product enables an on-demand system that solves the current problems of tracking, security and monitoring of sensitive files and documents.

Currently, it is easy to duplicate or print documents and lose track of the hardcopies. It is dangerous if those are copies are intended to be confidential. In fact, in the case of both hardcopies and digital files,transfers are not written down or recorded, so it is not possible to punish or prevent fraudulent use.
Competitors’networks are not closed, clauses files use are missing or they are just theoretical, so systems are not able to apply them independently if the file is sent out a specific software or cloud

We will offer the most secure technology, making use of smart contracts that make it possible to automate countless business services, the transferal of documents peer to peer from worker to worker and/or from business to business.
Access to such documents will be controlled and tracked, and the cost of doing so will be drastically decreased.

VeryFile has signed up well-known advisors, ecosystem partners and have completed a thorough market research campaign. Now we move on to sign global employers to the platform. A top-tier national law firm is handling the regulatory aspects. VeryFile plans to raise approximately $15 to $30 million through a private presale and ICO.