KnowledgeGRIDS is the first artificial intelligence investment management company. 

KnowledgeGrids invests in royalty generating AI assets providing the first secure asset management capability using unique cryptotokens for investment verticals and blockchain for investment tracking.

We manage artificial intelligence investment funds in key industries -- logistics, healthcare, retail, marketing, supply chain, and human operations.

KnowledgeGRIDS None
Jul 20, 2018
We are an established AI company that is manages AI rights management and Blockchain for making AI an investable asset.     We are building investment funds in key verticals with large public international companies as investor founders.  We are working to expand investment funds in each vertical through ICOs. We are looking for an ICO marketer with experience bringing ICOs to market. This person is plugged into the crypto space, spending hours each day reading BitcoinTalk forums, Telegram, regionally specific forums & communities, and regional influencers who move the needle.  Responsibilities: Work on public relations, promotions and ICO structuring Promote the ICO Create content, manage Blogs & social media Work with the management to understand day-to-day processes and improve performance by implementing automation tools, improved strategic thinking, etc  REQUIREMENTS:  Experience marketing ICOs  Proven experience developing marketing strategies that drive performance  Expert in performance measurement and reporting  Knowledge of the Blockchain world and the ICO market