Salt is a global recruitment business with 165 staff across 8 locations: London, New York, Auckland, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai.


We cover all roles in the digital world across creative, marketing, sales and technology, whilst our services range from single hires to covering complete outsourcing solutions involving business change.


We have built our business upon 5 pillars: Vision, Values, Minimum Standards, KAM and DNA.


  • Our “Vision” is to dominate the digital recruitment market globally; that means employing the best staff, sourcing the greatest talent and providing excellent experiences for our customers.
  • Our “Values” spell out IDEAS: integrity, dynamic, expertise, achievement and synergy; we are an agile organisation and always embrace new ideas and techniques to provide the best possible service.
  • Our “Minimum Standards” give us a framework and proven methodology to work with – in this context a specialist market; they involve building a universe and driving an ongoing marketing campaign to fulfil our value of expertise in a chosen field.
  • KAM or key account management is working as a client focused team to nurture and protect our accounts and cross sell all service lines globally; this involves first thinking local, regional and then global to nurture our client relationships.
  • DNA is training and development of our staff to be the best recruiters globally, constantly evolving how we recruit and embracing new techniques and ideas.


We have an agenda of working together as a collaborative digital recruitment organisation (Salt eBook) to tackle the challenges that globalization presents – so essentially we have a blueprint for the best recruitment service in digital.