We are going to fundamentally change society for the better using technology.

We are building a new type of decentralised organisation and we need people who are innovative, passionate and ready to approach problems in a completely new way.

Our team is collaborative, autonomous, creative and purpose driven. We work across ventures, industries, timezones and geographies to deliver world class products and solutions.

We have already built a small team of exceptional people. We have huge amounts of work to do and need to quickly grow. This is an opportunity to get in on something that is going to be very successful and deliver positive change for society.

Through Fintricity, our core consulting brand, Fintricity Group (FG) has been at the forefront of technology and digital transformation for over 15 years, most recently with a focus on bringing innovation to leading brands through expertise in big data, analytics and technologies (such as blockchain and IoT) that are transforming operations, products, services, business models and sectors. Pivoting to a blockchain services and venture firm, Fintricity Group is working on a range of exciting new projects and ventures to build new decentralised business models, technology platforms and disrupt and transform multiple industries.