Blockchain Education Initiative

The BEI’s mission is to educate businesses, ensure companies possess a full appreciation of the value and advantages that Blockchain can provide, develop and manage talent to fuel DLT’s present and future growth, and help businesses identify unique blockchain integration opportunities and facilitate blockchain commercial usage.

Blockchain Education Initiative Boston/New York/DC
Jun 22, 2018
Blockchain Education Initiative seeks unique talent to help stand up BEI and build its educational services division providing: • Tailorable self-paced, virtual, or on-site expert-led blockchain corporate education seminars • Blockchain programming and implementation technical training seminars • Consulting services • Youth DLT & STEM educational initiatives If you possess expertise in Blockchain, are passionate for expanding DLT commercial and social adoption, have entrepreneurial aspirations, project professionalism and confidence, and have the ambition and the will to create and run something significant and sizable you might be the right person to join our founding team. This opportunity will include travel, funded training, opportunities for public speaking and high visibility within the greater blockchain community, significant autonomy, and heavy leadership responsibilities. We are looking a for a self starter with grit and a desire to build something great.