We are a company of academics and engineers offering specialised blockchain technology solutions, based in Athens, Greece. Our team offers enterprise consulting services, assisting corporations in the finance, supply-chain, insurance, and energy sectors. At SignedBlock, we also conduct cryptocurrency algorithmic trading research and develop trading strategies and algorithms in a closed invite-only setting. We build capabilities at all levels, educating management and technical personnel in understanding blockchain both at a business and managerial level as well as at an in-depth technical level.

SignedBlock Athens, Greece
Jun 12, 2018
We're looking for a software engineer with smart contract experience. You'll be working with the rest of the team to build smart contracts for internal use as well as consulting clients. Responsibilities Creating new smart contracts in Solidity and the Ethereum blockchain. Ensuring the smart contracts are safe by using the latest best practices in the industry and avoiding well-known bug classes. Staying up-to-date with latest breaches and practices in the field. Testing smart contracts for security and robustness by writing unit and end-to-end tests. Reading smart contract code for auditing purposes to ensure they behave as intended. Working with our front-end team to connect our web services with blockchains and smart contracts. Working with our cryptographers to ensure the smart contracts correspond to the desired theoretical protocols. Integrating smart contracts in node.js using web3 and truffle. Skills & Knowledge An illustrative GitHub portfolio. Professional knowledge of at least one programming language. Good experience with Javascript and node.js. Exceptional skills with web3 and truffle. Exceptional Solidity skills. A good understanding of the Ethereum blockchain and blockchain technologies in general, as well as the underlying security model. Qualifications Pursuing or having completed a Computer Science or related degree, or equivalent professional experience.