Velocium LTD

We are an early-stage blockchain startup preparing for our ICO. We are developing the first volatility-free smart contract platform and Decentralised Autonomous Charitable Organisation (DACO) - a decentralised body responsible for the governance of the blockchain and with a charity function. We are a team of two, an undergraduate and PhD candidate both from UCL.  

We identified volatility as the core problem of cryptocurrencies today. With high volatility, there is an inherent capital loss risk in every transaction and smart contract and, which in turn hinders mainstream adoption. Thus, existing smart contract platform such as Ethereum, EOS and NEM incur inherent capital loss risk in usage and deter real demand. We address the volatility problem while leaving token valuation by market forces, through a unique design of our own. Simultaneously,  DACO as a charity will create an unprecedented amount of positive externality which correlates to adoption rate.