OEL Foundation

The OEL Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to providing governance, development, and open source collaboration for the OEL Enterprise Architecture.

A global initiative headquartered in Hong Kong and hosted by OpenPort Ltd., the Foundation is open to enterprises in the supply chain and logistics industry.

OEL means Open Enterprise Logistics, a term coined by OpenPort’s founding team in 2015 for their vision of a neutral platform to unite all players within the industry.

OEL Foundation Hong Kong
Jun 25, 2018
The Open Enterprise Logistics (OEL) Foundation ( https://oel.foundation/ ) is a non-profit organization providing governance and resources for the development of the OEL blockchain ecosystem. The OEL ecosystem comprises the open-source OEL Enterprise Architecture, OPN Token and members of the OEL Alliance. A global initiative headquartered in Hong Kong, the Foundation promotes innovative blockchain technologies for enterprise logistics applications. Role OEL are looking to hire a Head of Software Development, employed in Hong Kong. Reporting Lines Reports to the OEL CTO and has multiple reports in Hong Kong and the Philippines. Scope of Role To lead and manage a team of software developers developing next generation blockchain-based solutions for the global supply chain industry. To represent OEL within the industry as an authority on blockchain-based applications and technologies on external publications, forums and events. Responsibilities ·  To lead, manage and mentor a team of software developers ·  To translate functional specifications into software solutions using Agile ·  To help drive the strategic direction of products and services ·  To assess new technologies for potential use in the OEL architecture ·  To use best practices for development and continuous deployment Key Skills A senior level software developer with technical lead experience. Advanced level knowledge and experience of the following: 1.       Development of multitenant web app using e.g. Python/Django 2.       JavaScript and related frameworks/libraries e.g. React, Vue.js 3.       Blockchain technology such as Ethereum or Neo. 4.       Smart contract development using Solidity or JavaScript 5.       Real-time publish/subscribe messaging and message hubs 6.       Integration of real-time data from devices (Internet of Things). Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence technologies such as natural language processing, multi-agent systems and machine learning will be useful. Key Behaviors Strong leadership and interpersonal skills, creativity, leading by example, interest in new technologies and their application to real world use cases.