Dash Core Group

Dash Core Group (Ticker: DASH) "Dash is digital cash" — instant payments and micro-fees, anytime, anywhere. We believe payments take too long and cost too much. Dash provides individual users, merchants, and businesses a better way to pay and get paid. For the underbanked to the banked, e-commerce to point of sale, business-to-consumer and business-to-business, Dash users keep more value.

Established in 2014, Dash Core Group is a blockchain payments network based on the Bitcoin source code. Dash improves on Bitcoin by adding a second-tier service-layer for increased transaction speed (InstantSend), optional privacy features (PrivateSend), and a governance model with a self-funding treasury system.

Dash Core Group is open-source and not-for-profit. Dash operates as a distributed autonomous organization. Network participants own the network, act as shareholders, and vote each month to reach consensus on budget proposals. This allows Dash to focus on solving user problems, creating better products, and passing value saved in time and fees back to users.