Share&Charge provides an open source decentralized digital protocol for electric vehicle charging. This standard will enable seamless and smart charging by globally integrating charging poles and electric cars into the energy system of the future. Our solution is based on the rapidly evolving blockchain technology, with the promise of improving end customer experience, business processes and IT security.

Share&Charge Essen, Germany
May 24, 2019
If you want to shape the future of e-mobility, this might be your real-world chance to do so. We are looking for a highly motivated and driven developer to join our growing team. We have been building software for the e-mobility space for more than two years now and are pioneers in blockchain based software. We are building the Share&Charge, open-source software which enables the electric vehicle (EV) economy of tomorrow. Share&Charge is a decentralized protocol for electric vehicle charging, payment and data sharing. We are currently a team of 6+ people with diverse skill sets, nationalities and personalities. We don’t know where this journey will exactly lead, but for sure we are very enthusiastically shaping the future of mobility. We love experiments around cutting-edge technology, innovative business models and new ways of collaboration. What you can expect: ● A dynamic work environment ● Diverse technical challenges ● Many learning opportunities ● Contributions to open-source projects ● Coaching from experienced developers What you have to deal with: ● Fast pace of change ● Limited resources ● A bit of uncertainty about the future of the project What we are looking for in the candidate: ● Interest in new technologies like blockchain and smart-contracts ● Can work autonomously towards an objective (self discipline) ● Working experience with linux and git ● Knowledge of at least two of Python, Javascript/Typescript, Java EE, C++, Rust ● Experience in contributing to open source projects (i.e. your own projects on github, issues or pull requests submitted to other open source repositories) More details ● ● Application process Please email your CV to